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Richy Tea - Next Beverage to Water

Back in 1991 Mr.Wirantha Hettiarachchi our founder believed in giving the best cup of tea to all Sri Lankan’s and started packing its own teas. As time went by the packing operation grew to new heights and to the length of starting its own marketing and distribution operation named Green Island Marketing Services and now Richy Tea has become the 3rd largest locally owned operated brand in Sri Lanka.

Now it has its own fleet of vehicles and its sales force which covers from North to South and East to West, to all corners of Sri Lanka distributing to over 28.000 outlets island wide.

But the passion of giving the best in everything to its customers carries on with new added areas in personal hygiene to day to day cooking essentials etc.

The company’s vision now focuses in new areas such as leisure tourism and financial services. But our passion has always been to serve our consumers to the utmost.

  • Finest Ceylon Tea from the people who knows about it
  • Over 2 decades of existence and experience
  • Sourced from the best tea estates or at the auction
  • One stop solution from plucking to packaging and branding
  • Integrated logistics solutions at onestop
  • Personalised service to each client, and we proved it


Years of Experience


Happy Clients



About Ceylon Tea

Tea has been grown in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, for over 150 years. The finest and most fragrant teas originate from the highlands. They feature suprisingly different aromas.



The overwhelming surge of modern scientific research is substantiating the ancient proclamation that tea is the most potent health beverage ever.


Health is Wealth

Recent studies in leading medical journals declare tea as a potent heart tonic, cancer blocker, fat buster, immune stimulant, arthritis soother, virus fighter and cholesterol detoxifier.


Best Tea in the World

Ceylon Tea, acclaimed as the best tea in the world has its inherent unique characteristics and reputation running through more than a century. Sri Lanka as the 3rd biggest tea producing nation globally has a production share of 9% in the international sphere, and is amongst the world's leading exporters with a share of around assessed at approximately 187,000 hectares.

Who We Are

The business was carried on as a sole proprietorship since 1990 and had a rapid growth over a period of 10 years until it was transformed in to a Limited Liability Company in the year 2001.


Headed by Chairman/Managing Director Mr. Wirantha Hettiarachchi who hails from a family of Academics, he has had extensive exposure to the tea trade over the last 15 years & he has expertise in area such as Tea Tasting, Tea Processing, Tea Blending, Flavored Tea Processing & Trading.

Currently the organization enjoys the status of being the biggest bulk tea distributors in Sri Lanka.

Tea Packaging Richy Tea

Our Packing section, which supplies tea in bags, packet or bulk form, can supply tea in high quality packaging material, customized to suit individual customer requirment.

Tea Packaging Richy Tea
Tea Selection

The tea selected for flavouring has been assessed with the utmost care by senior tea tasters in order to achieve the delicate and subtle balance of tastes required for the special flavours of Earl Grey Vanilla and Ginger.

Janaka Ranaweera Richy Tea Taster
Wirantha Hettiarachchi - Chairman - Richy Group of Companies in Sri Lanka


Our facilities produce the best quality packaging for the export market requirements. Richy has a passion for innovation and our facilities are designed to create a pleasant office environment incorporating fully computerized systems and strong lines of communication between the office and production areas.


Cleanliness, Hygienic processes, Quality automated process, Quality of computerized office, An overall friendly atmosphere, Ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, An effective style of management that ensures the best all-round performance

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