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Richy Teas

Richy Tea Bags

Richy Tea Bags

High-quality Richy Packeted Teas are encased in utility packagings that differentiate its unique brand presence. They are both decorative on the shelf and offers perfect protection to its contents to ensure that the teas are protected to retain its excellent quality for as long as possible.

Richy only pledges high quality unique blends. Tea blending is very common and practically all tea sold in tea bags have been blended. Blending is done to stabilize the taste from year to year and to improve the quality of inferior teas by mixing them with more expensive ones. Flavours may also be added to make a blend more unique.

Black Tea Aniversary Blend - 100 TEA BAGS

Black Tea Aniversary Blend


Richy Black Tea - Tea Bags 100

Black Tea - 100 tea bags

String & Tag Double Chamber

Richy Plain Tea - Ceylon Tea Bags

Richy Plain Tea

500 Tea Bags

Richy Green Tea Bags

Richy Green Tea

25 Tea Bags

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