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Richy Teas

Richy Bulk Tea

Richy Bulk Tea Exporter

Ceylon Black Tea Grades, Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea Grades

We offer all of our loose teas in bulk options to give you premium tea at discount prices. You can try new teas for very little cost with our 5-serving "sample" size. We also offer convenient "tin refill" small bulk bags and large bulk bags (up to 1 lb) to get the most savings. Loose leaf tea in bulk offers maximum savings and is eco-friendly by using less packaging on a per serving basis. For an extra eco-friendly tip, compost your tea leaves!

Ceylon Bulk Tea Exporter PF1 50kg

55kg Richy Arrow Tea - CTC PF1

Ceylon Bulk Tea Exporter Dust 1 Richy Golden Wooden Box

25kg Richy Gold Tea-Dust 1

Ceylon Bulk Tea Exporter Richy Arrow 60kg Paper sacks

60kg Richy Arrow Tea - CTC PD

Ceylon Bulk Tea Exporter Richy Plain 60kg Paper sacks

60Kg Richy Plain Tea

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